Dear Friends,

It has been an honor to serve you these past three years as your State Auditor, and once again, I ask for your support during my re-election campaign for a second term as Wyoming’s State Auditor in 2014.

During my first term in office, I have worked tirelessly to develop practices and procedures to increase the efficiency, transparency, and fiscal responsibility of our state government. In three years I have:


  • Completed my Seven-Point plan, which included increasing paperless transactions, providing excellence in accounting, and increasing the transparency of our state agencies;
  • Saved the state and its taxpayers money through increasing efficiency in the State Auditor office (SAO). We implemented paperless transactions, negotiated contracts, and reduced the budget of the SAO by 10%;
  • Worked with the State Land Board to inventory all state-owned lands for the first time in 10 years.

My office has saved our state money by reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of state agencies.

So what does all of this mean to my fellow Wyomingites?

It means the Auditor’s Office is actively, creatively, and technologically working to minimize and make more efficient the Auditor’s contribution to state government.

These improvements continue to make Wyoming a great place to do business, and maintain Wyoming’s economic prosperity.

However, there is more work to do, which is why I am running for a second term as your Wyoming State Auditor.

I ask for your support to continue the vision that started in 2010 to be a common sense, conservative, and fiscally responsible voice in Cheyenne.